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Gold Span by Golden Lion aka Matthew Carter

Inspired by the concert at Marionette Winery last night here in my hometown of Salmon Arm. DJ Spanda rocked the floors and had us all up dancing. When I got home from the concert I just laid in my bed thinking of epic bass lines. When I woke up I immediately began composing this track. Enjoy! – Matthew

*Warning* headphones with a wide low range required to hear the bass. Your phone/computer speakers won’t cut it for this one!

Gold Span by Matthew Carter aka Golden Lion

21 Awesome Playlists for Yoga (or just around the house!)

Looking for that new yoga playlist? Well, look no further, here’s 21 of them!

At some point yoga got epic. I this point was when almost every teacher in the world started playing DJ Drez’s Nectar Drop in literally every yoga playlist. I won’t lie, that song is awesome, but at this point I just can’t handle any more nectar, sorry Drez. It was at this point I began creating a multitude of yoga playlists to fit all sorts of different class styles, themes, intentions, and moods and now I would love to share a number of them with you.

With the amount of verbal instructions a yoga practice has for the practitioners to focus on playlists can become distracting when they have too many lyrics in them, so most of my playlists are instrumental, meaning they don’t contain any lyrics at all.


Flow Yoga:



Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra:

Something a Little Different:

Playlists w/ Lyrics:

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