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The Left Place – Matthew Carter Music

The Left Place by Matthew Carter

For The Left Place I created a drum kit by sampling all the available kick drum, hi-hat and clap sounds within Ableton. I wanted a kick drum sound that wasn’t too noticeably toned, because some electronic kick drum samples really end up sounding like a low bass note or something (which is exactly what a real kick drum sound is, but we don’t take the time to tune our kick drums to the key of the song we are playing before playing it… although I’m sure they would do this in most high levels of music production.. Since all drums have a tone to them, After finally deciding which ones to use I moved onto tracking down some audio clips. I was looking for blips, clicks, and shwoops to add to other channels of my 16 button drum pad.

Now onto the bass, I love the Theremin sound that Ableton comes with, and I use it quite often during electron music creation to make those cool sounding video-gamey style lead riffs. This time I had something different in mind for my favorite sound, to use the Theremin as a bass. I like the sound I eventually got with it, but at times it gets a bit strange sounding. But strange is good, right? I then added more to the track by creating additional synth sounds that swell in the background on the on 2 and 4 during certain sections. Then I created some more melodic sounds like the flute playing on the off beats, the spacey sounding keys in the background, and the guitar style plucks near the ending.

I noticed the track needed a bit more stuff in it so I added that really interesting watery sounding slide that comes back a few times during the track. This just adds a bit of additional colour and feeling to the track.


– Matthew Carter

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Work in Progress w/ Collaborator Sashique Musique

Work in Progress Version 1 by Matthew Carter

Hey Sasha! Can’t wait to work on this more with you, I thought it would be cool to track the progress of the song here. So I’ve posted version 1 above, and will keep posting more versions as the project evolves.