ReSeed by Matthew Carter

Yo this COVID shit is whack, I wanna go back to the old days,
sparkles in toothpaste, friends over for birthdays.
What, you think I’m just thirsty?
Huh I’m a bit needy, we all a bit greedy,
maybe we need a ReSeed, let me take the lead I will succeed, I’m guaranteed.

just put on a mask, its not that hard a task,
is it so much to ask that when I’m walking past
you respect the current public health orders you motherfucking twat,
and if you don’t I’m up to bat, I’ll come and give your head a smack.
At least that’s how it plays out in my head but I’ll just walk down the baking isle instead.
Yeah, I need some Chipits, I’ll buy some Chipits, that’ll take my mind off of it.
I’ll do some baking, they say that kinda stuff helps.

I’m baking cookies, I’m baking bread, I’ll make some scones to get out of my head.
I’ll make some brownies, the special kind. I grew that shit myself and I eat it to unwind.

Being stuck at home is shit, but have you ever heard a beat this sick?
I’m baking treats and beats to move your feets to the kitchen corner.
you can get a donut, you know what? I’m alone but,
I could eat about a dozen donuts.
I’ll save six for you it’s the nice thing to do.
You get home from work you got something to chew.

Actually, I smoked a bowl, I ate ’em all, played D2R, I smoked some more,
I stayed indoors, forgot my chores, found four claymores and sold ’em all.
Time for another brownie, the sugar can’t outrun me,
maybe I’ll take a cookie, I found a Lo Rune I’m no fucking Rookie!