Music Projects

***Please listen using headphones as they usually provide good bass and can reach a larger range of frequencies, especially those nice low bass notes!

Welcome to my brain, full of musical ideas of all sorts, right now I am working on an electronic album, as well as a hip-hop album. These songs are still in the works, so they are relatively unmixed, unmastered, and unfinished. Sharing is part of my creative process so I hope you enjoy listening to them as they evolve. – Matthew Carter

Electronic Music Project:

Theme: Chiptune Inspired, Videogame Inspired, DnD Inspired
Electronic Artist I Love: Route 8, WMD, Susumu Yokota, Yasuaki Shimizu, Gaussian Curve, LaaMaa, Concerned Ape, Gareth Coker, Berlinist, C418, Yonderling, Gold Panda, Jesper Ryom, Edamame, Lane 8, Dusky, Caribou, Bonobo, Baths, Brambles, Yosi Horikawa, East Forest, Panda Bear, Titeknots, Ferdinand Weber, Affelaye, Dr. Toast, Rival Consoles, DeeB

First Contact by Matthew Carter

Mt. Coronet by Matthew Carter

Abandoned Ship by Matthew Carter

Twinleaf Forest by Matthew Carter

Cerulean Hideout by Matthew Carter

Beyond the City Gates by Matthew Carter

Escape from the Underdark by Matthew Carter

Crystalline Cavern by Matthew Carter

The Dark Swarm by Matthew Carter

Thermal Run by Matthew Carter

Temple Walls by Matthew Carter

Seafoam Islands by Matthew Carter

Hip-Hop Project:

Theme: Not yet established.
Inspirations: Mac Miller, Joke-rap like Das Racist / Heems / KOOLA.D., Tyler the Creator, Aesop Rock, Danny Brown, A Tribe Called Quest, Del the Funky Homosapien, Jean Grae, Biggie, much more.


Alone Tonight

D2 Rap

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