Matthew Carter’s Holiday Update and Concert

December 22, 2021

Welcome to Matthew Carter’s Holiday Update! It also includes a 30 minute Holiday Concert at the bottom of this page as a thank you for all the support over the last year. Please take the time to read this message from Matthew.

Special Update from Matthew Carter

“I honestly cannot thank you all enough! You are the reason I am able to do what I do, and continue to offer Live Online Yoga classes 5 days a week. Because of you I have been able to be self-employed for one entire year now. This is helping me continue to follow my dreams, to learn to live within my means. Most importantly it has given me the ability to pursue the values that really matter to me.”

Manifeseting Values

“Some of those values have manifested in my world in many different ways over the last year. Firstly, I decided to purchase e-bikes for me and my partner. This means we no longer have car insurance payments! I can really start to live my value of being environmentally conscious. You made this possible because I don’t need a car since I work from home.”

“Another thing that has manifested in my world is a huge garden, it’s halfway across town here in Salmon Arm, BC, but it’s no problem because I get out there via my e-bike.”

Matthew Carter Holiday Update
Matthew with his e-bike

“Other ways my values have shown up over the last year is that I now know where about 75% of my food comes from, my own garden! We even have a root cellar where we keep our produce through the winter. This means a lot less plastic packaging. This means less shipping of the produce from other regions of the world using gas, and eating foods that are both seasonal and local.”

“Lastly, I have noticed my values manifesting in my life is by being able to offer yoga at a sliding scale. I really believe yoga should be accessible to everyone. With a sliding scale some folks can decide to pay more than my monthly cost because of abundance in their own lives. This abundance is essentially paid forwards to the students whom I give free or discounted passes to. This sliding scale model would not be possible without your generous support and patronage.”

“You have all made this possible and I cannot thank you enough. It is my goal to continue to grow this online platform, to offer quality yoga classes that are accessible and fun!”

– Matthew Carter

Matthew’s Holiday Concert

Update Complete!

Thanks for taking the time to read Matthew Carter’s Holiday Update!

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