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Matthew Carter has been writing music for over a decade, he loves to play two types of acoustic guitar and occasionally uses a loop pedal, like in this performance below!

Group Songwriting project:

Matthew is currently working on an interesting songwriting project that takes place on Friday’s at 4:30pm called Songwriters Circle on the InsightTimer App. In this project the viewers will be responsible for coming up with the lyrics and idea behind the song by sharing their suggestions with Matthew in the chat. Matthew will write vocal melodies and chord progressions to accompany their lyrical suggestions. Everything is improvised on the day of the songwriting circle.

The vision behind this project is to create an entire album of viewer created songs which will be free for download and sharing. Matthew hopes this project can make the process of songwriting feel open, less intimidating, collaborative and explorative. Not everyone has an instrument they can write a song on, but many of us have poetic ideas bouncing around in our brains that would be amazing to write into the melody of a song. In these Songwriting Circles you will be able to put your creative writing into a song that you can share with your friends and family.

Join Matthew Carter in a live session soon on Insight Timer, his Music is great at helping people relax and meditate.

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song Nine, Titled “Turning Thing Around”

Song eight, titled “A piece of me”

Song Seven, Titled “wandering in wonder”

sixth song, titled “glimpse of the wild”

fifth song, titled “change of season”

Fouth Song, Titled “Hope/Home”

third song, titled ‘pathways’:

Second song, titled ‘Syncopated Feelings’:

first song, titled ‘Snow falling’:

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