Alone Tonight – Matthew Carter

He says “the most precious gift we can offer others is our presence”,
but it seems this is just a thing of the past obsolescence.
He says “when mindfulness embraces those we love they bloom like flowers”
But how can this be the case when I’m stuck on my phone for hours.
I’m living my life between two screens,
my laptop on my desk and my phone in my jeans.
I pull down to refresh with my thumb over and over,
it’s like a roller coaster ride stuck on these tracks going nowhere.
Strapped in behind these bars they say there here for my safety,
“oh, I can get off anytime? No one gunna’ stop me?”
Well, just one more go at it, maybe
I’ll find something useful here for me. Am I crazy?
To feel alive or to get a feeling of fear,
or like I’m not alone, with a few strangers near.
By feeling the lows together, feeling the highs,
by sharing a status to a million blind eyes.

Alone tonight,
why do I feel so along tonight,
when I got all these hearts and likes,
still feel so alone.

He says “if I water the garbage I will strengthen the negative seeds”.
So fill my life with good deeps I strengthen the positive ones more.
Open up good doors and windows, don’t live life through a pinhole.
Love those around me ’cause vulnerability is essential, but also
gotta keep some boundaries up around me, keep a little hidden,
’cause you might not like what see.
Only share the digestible, when I’m feeling fit, flexible.
But what if I’m tight? Not feeling alright? Is that shit un-postable?
Life’s not a fairytale, that brand name’s unwearable.
I tried it on for a decade did things so regrettable.
Felt like a sheep it runs deep unforgettable,
all I can do now is reveal and express to you,
to try to let go and move on, I’m so through with it.
as I know a new dawn will come and I won’t quit.
It’s time to drop the façade and move on a bit,
and when I go don’t forget me I’m relevant.
Give it some time let the water clear, sediment.