On Demand 30 Day Yoga Challenge

30 Day yoga Challenge

Join Matthew Carter for an On Demand 30 Day Yoga Challenge. Gain access to 30 unique yoga and workout classes below!

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30 Day Yoga Challenge
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Why try a regular yoga practice?

Hop on your yoga mat for a 30 day yoga challenge and see what a regular yoga practice feels like in your life. Start focusing on your mental and physical health! Yoga is amazing at providing a space for people to explore all the amazing aspects of their own body because the postures give you insight into how you feel. It is also amazing at helping people discover a sense of breath awareness and control which is very helpful for all aspects of life.

Matthew has been guiding yoga and fitness classes for over 8 years and has over 700 hours of training to support his education.

Feedback from a student who has taken this course

“Dear Duniyawaalo (People of the World),
I wanted to share that I successfully completed my 2022 New Year 30-Day Yoga Challenge.
I don’t know if it was fate that showed the 30-day yoga challenge advertisement on Facebook, but I am glad I saw it and didn’t hesitate to signup for it. This is the very first time that I had even attempted such a Yoga challenge in my life and I showed up with no expectations.
In spite of being very active with my running and strength training, I never imagined that yoga would be so tough on my body, doing an average of daily 45-min sessions. The first week I was really sore and had even thought of giving up on the challenge. However I kept telling myself that there is no growth in comfort, and pushed myself to stay the course. I am truly proud of myself for successfully completing the 30-day challenge.
The last 30 days participating in this challenge has truly been a transformative experience for me, and I can say without any hesitation that it was one of the highlights of my life.
I feel truly blessed for being able to start the new year on such a positive and transformative experience.
I am now committed to incorporating yoga in my regular fitness routine.
Thank You Matthew Carter Ward for your guidance and inspiration throughout this 30-day journey. You have been such an awesome yoga teacher.” – Rajneesh S.

What the 30 day Challenge will contain

Matthew will offer lots of modifications during the classes, and will also show you how to use certain props like yoga blocks and straps.

The challenge contains 30 unique classes.

For only $30 CAD this is an amazing deal. Click the button above to sign up for your On Demand 30 Day Challenge now!

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